Front Page!

June 02, 2010
Posted by Nicole N
Oh my gosh! I'm so excited - this morning, my good friend told me that while on Etsy the other night, she spotted me on the front page! I am so excited and over-the-moon about it - for a long time I've wanted an item or a treasury on the front page, so to have it happen was amazing.

Here's the screencap! Look for Palla, the albino Tlyaci, at the bottom.


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Finished - Finnigan the Furious Yeti

June 01, 2010
Posted by Nicole N
Is that alliteration or what? Finnigan is such an attention seeker, having him sitting on the desk beside me forces me to glance at him every few minutes. Maybe it's because I don't trust him, though...

Check him out at Hello, Zoe! He'll come home with you for only $45 plus shipping. Please, take him home.. I think he's eying the other plush hungrily now...

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